who we are



We believe in laying solid foundations and have invested to ensure that the fundamentals of our organisation are in place. Vital to our business are the people, and we have patiently assembled a world-class management team that is unrivalled in both industry experience and expertise. read more

Having selected and nurtured the most quailified individuals in their respective fields, we can plan and execute our strategies, safe in the knowledge tha opprtunities that we choose to pursue have been expertly evaluaed, in tems of both potential and risk, before finally being rolled out internationally.

On the threshold of the next phase of our development, we reckon tha teamwork always lies at the heart of our success. The hard work and dedication of our people hav enabled us to become what we are today. Cental to our plans that our people have been, and tha is where they are to remain


At Vinh Hoan, we passionately care about what we do. By paying attention to details, we have gained, over the years, an excellent reputation for not only the quality of our products, but also our commitment to innovation, our state-of-the-art facilities, the transparency, accountability and openness in all our dealings, and finally and most importantly, the care and respect that we have for our people.

As we go forward, it is our intention to build upon our reputation, both in the markets that we currently serve and those we will enter in the future. We are very clear that to sustain our success, from the management of our ponds to satisfying the needs of our increasingly demanding customers, it is the care that we take and the attention to those small details that will be vital to our on-going success.

what we do



The primary source of the majority in our freshwater products is the Premium Pangasius which we farm, harvest and process at our facilities. Despite having used Pangasius as the base for many of our food products as well as the source of our collagen and gelatin, we are still only exploiting a fraction of the commercial potential of this entirely sustainable resource - a challenge we look forward to addressing in the future. read more


We intend to be around for a long time; to be sustainable, a respected, world-class business, and a market leader that leads through innovation, providing high quality, healthy, nutritious products to families all over the world.

To achieve that aim we know that we must be responsible and fulfill all of our obligations: social, environmental and economic, to all of our stakeholders - in Vietnam and across the globe. We also believe in fulfilling our promises, and over the years we have gained a reputation for our integrity and the transparent and accountable way that we relate to our respective communities.

In everything we do, we commit to implementing and meeting the highest international standards, and always, we do our best to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Vinh Hoan and its products gains a positive experience.

As the world’s leading producer of Pangasius derived products, we take our responsibilities seriously and expect to play our part in ensuring that there is not only a sustainable future for our business, but also one for our customers, our communities – and, most importantly, their children.