• How long has Vinh Hoan been in business?

    Vinh Hoan is an aquaculture company, founded on December 27, 1997 in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam, which is about 165 kilometers southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The company opened its US offices in 2007, the same year that Vinh Hoan was introduced on the Vietnamese Stock Market. 

  • What is Aquaculture?

    Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, molluscs, crustaceans, and aquatic plants. It has been the fastest growing segment of the food industry for the past two decades. Today, over half of all seafood consumed globally comes from aquaculture. The industry employs over 20 million people directly and contributes to the livelihood of millions more. Aquaculture production is expected to double in volume by the year 2050 to meet the needs of a growing population and take pressure off worldwide fish stocks. 

  • What is Vinh Hoan’s vision and mission?

    At Vinh Hoan, we envision a world where sustainable aquaculture is the norm, providing an abundant supply of safe food and wellness products in addition to providing employment and economic stimulation. To achieve this vision our mission is to advance the application of sustainable aquaculture practices throughout the world. We do that in three ways. We produce food from sustainable aquaculture. We produce wellness products from sustainable aquaculture. We produce knowledge about sustainable aquaculture that we share with others. 

  • How is Vinh Hoan organized?

    Each division represents a different aspect of our sustainable aquaculture business:

    • Vinh Foods – Providing premium seafood from sustainable aquaculture.
    • Vinh Aquaculture – Helping advance sustainable tropical aquaculture with a combination of research, development, education, and on-site training.
    • Vinh Wellness – Providing premium wellness products derived from sustainable aquaculture.
  • Are the divisions separate companies?

    No. The divisions are all part of one company, Vinh Hoan Corporation. We have established each division as a distinct business area to help us better focus our work and help facilitate communication with the different customers and stakeholders involved in each aspect of the business.

  • How has the creation of the three divisions affected stakeholders?

    Naming the three divisions simply delineates the three main areas Vinh Hoan has been working with for decades. The only change that customers, employees, or other stakeholders may notice is increased clarity of purpose and more targeted communication from the three different areas. We believe that naming the divisions in this manner will help each compete more effectively in its respective category. 

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